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They know what to say and what to do to catch her attention and hold it.

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Here in Costa Rica, it is not unusual for a guy to live with his parents until he marries.

If your parents make you move out before age 30 or before you get married, socially they are considered terrible parents.

Let me back up a little, there are several things that a North American man does for a woman that men from other nations don’t do.

North American men know how to really romance a woman.

When he divorces or the wife dies, it is expected that he move back home if the mother is still living.

Believe me, that happens at almost any age if his mother is living.Just in case you are thinking about marrying a Costa Rican, send for a free list of questions you may want answers before you make that final decision.Getting the list and asking the right question may save you a lot of money and disappointment.Costa Rican mothers maintain a strong umbilical cord relationship with their sons.You see, most Costa Rican men don’t learn to cook for themselves or clean the house, or wash their clothes.In Costa Rica, Mom has a real grip on a Costa Rican man.

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