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The server retrieves the session hash from the cookie and eliminates the need for a session ID.

That will greatly increase the speed of the application, but it is a controversial storage option and you have to think about the security implications of it: However, since Rails 4, the default store is Encrypted Cookie Store.

With Encrypted Cookie Store the session is encrypted before being stored in a cookie.

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Web application frameworks are made to help developers build web applications.

Some of them also help you with securing the web application.

And the other way round: the browser will send it to the server on every request from the client.

In Rails you can save and retrieve values using the session method: which generates a random hex string using platform specific methods (such as Open SSL, /dev/urandom or Win32) for generating cryptographically secure random numbers.

This is because web applications are relatively easy to attack, as they are simple to understand and manipulate, even by the lay person.

The threats against web applications include user account hijacking, bypass of access control, reading or modifying sensitive data, or presenting fraudulent content.

Or an attacker might be able to install a Trojan horse program or unsolicited e-mail sending software, aim at financial enrichment or cause brand name damage by modifying company resources.

In order to prevent attacks, minimize their impact and remove points of attack, first of all, you have to fully understand the attack methods in order to find the correct countermeasures. In order to develop secure web applications you have to keep up to date on all layers and know your enemies.

To keep up to date subscribe to security mailing lists, read security blogs and make updating and security checks a habit (check the Additional Resources chapter).

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