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Read the upgrade documentation for more information.

If you have received an application where the secret was exposed (e.g.

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And the other way round: the browser will send it to the server on every request from the client.

In Rails you can save and retrieve values using the session method: which generates a random hex string using platform specific methods (such as Open SSL, /dev/urandom or Win32) for generating cryptographically secure random numbers.

In general there is no such thing as plug-n-play security.

Security depends on the people using the framework, and sometimes on the development method.

Rails will create a new session automatically if a new user accesses the application.

It will load an existing session if the user has already used the application.A good place to start looking at security is with sessions, which can be vulnerable to particular attacks.Most applications need to keep track of certain state of a particular user.And it depends on all layers of a web application environment: The back-end storage, the web server and the web application itself (and possibly other layers or applications).The Gartner Group, however, estimates that 75% of attacks are at the web application layer, and found out "that out of 300 audited sites, 97% are vulnerable to attack".The server retrieves the session hash from the cookie and eliminates the need for a session ID.

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