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Observing Las Meninas, our eyes play a part of a camera. The question, however, is whom Velazquez depicted indeed, the Royal family and their environment, or he just took his own selfie?

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In 1980 three of them were re-issued in a single volume `From the Rock Paintings to Sound Film`, and they are very popular in Russia until now. Its interesting that once when their home was visited by a world-famous ballet star Galina Ulanova and Manana exclaimed: `Galina Sergeyevna, we are so happy to see you here! ` Manana came to the conclusion that Velazquez showed the very process of the creation of his picture in his picture, and the main character of this picture is none but he himself. This reasoning called up by reading Mana Andronikova`s books on the art allows us to conclude with what we had begun, with Diego Velazquez (by the way, he is my `favouritest-est` artiste). Poet Yakov Petrovich Polonski (1919-1898) and artist Vladimir Lukich Borovikovsky (1757-1825) By Yakov Polonski She passed away, and neither eyes Nor smile of her survived.

A volume of works by Manana Andronikova She wrote: `We observe the artists study from different points of view, and we `see` not only his face, but also his back, and not only him who is painted on the canvas, but also him who is painting on that canvas as if standing beside us, since the painter while choosing a layout of his picture wanted it to be viewed from the point of view of a spectator who came closer to look at it. Such a composition and creative approach were used by the Italian film director Federico Fellini in his feature film 8 1/2. The Portrait of Pope Innocent X by Diego Velazquez When the Pope saw the portrait, he just said: (`Too true! The Pope Innocent X who was not quite innocent, sooner cruel and tough, but shrewd, intelligent and highly educated, of course, meant not the photographic accuracy though it was present, but the artistic likeness of him as a prototype, on one hand, and the portrait as his image, on the other. Those three naked Graces are exactly, three time as us! They were the mute betrayers Of throes, the shadows of her love, And thoughts, the shadows of her sadness.

This picture is a bright example of a self-portrait inside of the Royal family portrait in a style of the gruppo di famiglia in un interno.

By the way, theres a plenty of room for us in this picture in picture (PIP), as if we stand inside of it too.

I could tell much about this remarkable, criminal and attractive man`.

As to the portrait of Feodors sister it contained an esthetic ideal of the European sentimentalism that drew attention to the psychological state of a character.

Diego could have been a film director if he`d lived in our time when the technological development enabled us to shoot the motion pictures.

Cinema, its principles, they have been in the heads of many artists since the ancient times.

Fellini`s 8 1/2: an exciting itinerary from prototype to image In literature, the brightest example of a book about book, a composition about composition in the form of an extended verbal selfie is Lermontov`s novel `A Hero of Our Time` ( ), 1839. Feodor Ivanovich Tolstoy the American (1782-1846) Her brother was Feodor American Tolstoy who due to his legendary violence and courage became one of the three prototypes of Lev Tolstoy`s Dolokhov (a character of The War and Peace).

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