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The story centers around female high school student Setoka Tachibana, who has confessed her feelings to other boys 12 times, but has been rejected each time.Her older brother Haruka Tachibana cares for his younger sister deeply, but keeps a secret from her that they are not blood related.I really liked meeting them, Yamato Ariake and Hajime Tonomine are the newest characters in the story.

) The real focus seems to be the relationship between Juta and Asuka.

Which leaves me wondering what the fallout will be when (if) Asuka finds out Juta is using him as shojo inspiration.

Plot progression is on the slow side, but I can almost forgive it because the author inserts a number of meta-jokes about the romance developing painfully slowly.

I liked that we got a chapter where we got to know Juta better.

Obviously there's supposed to be something there, because a whole nation is swooning over the manga based on their "romance", but I just don't see the connection.

I think you could replace Ryo with almost any other girl and the story would stay the same.

However he keeps this all a secret from those around him, for he is afraid of his mother finding out- or anyone in general. Juta is the annoying but fun and crazy one who is secretly a shojo-manga writer himself under the pen name Jewel Sachihana, who's newest OTP and stars of his manga 'Love-Chick' are Ryo and Asuka.

Asuka, a big fan, still hasn't gotten the connection, even though the main characters have the same names.

I enjoyed reading it more than the other ones, mainly because of the characters in this story.

There are spoilers in this review so please at least have read the first book before reading this or if you aren't planning on reading the series.

Asuka is thrown into a children’s nursery where once again he gets to show his nurturing nature along with his tough-guy machismo.

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