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;)Love in e air i put on a gas musk i need some 1 to convince me wth facts that true love is really there i'm sick of all this shi Halla at me gals and boy, NO homo Y stic yo rubber in another man's ass?The room was made when the "Emo" subculture was relevant by another user.My brother eventually got Julie to roll over and he had a play with her lovely hangers but she rolled back over telling him they were out of bounds, but not before she'd let him have a good feel.

I had very mixed emotions, not just being turned on but also guilt that I shouldn't be having these thoughts, even though I tried to push them to the back of my mind that sexy image of her being fucked kept pushing its way back into the forefront of my mind and while she was away I masturbated in the shower imagining her being fucked, shooting a good load of cum.

This wank probably left me with the guiltiest feelings I've ever felt.

It didn't go down too well and my hopes of her agreeing to my fantasy went out the window.

Over the years I kept up my fantasy and of course went down the road of seeing her fucked by another guy which still stands today as my ultimate goal, she knows this but still refuses to bring it to reality but does fantasize with me when she's had plenty of drink.

We all had loads to drink and I got the distinct feeling that they were flirting!

This was a turn on but also got me a bit peeved as she wasn't doing it to turn me on but doing with him very slyly instead.

Unfortunately she wasn't having any of it and that was the end of that!

Very frustrating for me as many of you guys can imagine, especially as my brother and his wife had had many three sums. Then back a few years ago we were out drinking and bumped into an old friend of her brothers, I had chatted to him a few times in the pub and got on well with him.

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