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Teens are also under much greater influence from their peers than are adults.

Often the aggressive behavior between couples takes place in the presence of other teens, especially in the school environment.

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Any past visit to the ED for intentionally inflicted injuries raised the risk of experiencing dating violence (either as a victim or an aggressor), particularly among female patients.

Young women with injuries especially should be asked whether the injuries were the result of dating violence. ” says lead author Vijay Singh, clinical lecturer in the Department of Family Medicine at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

Female respondents were more likely to be perpetrators and less likely to be victims than male respondents.

However, the study addressed only nonsexual physical violence (and not sexual or emotional violence); also, the severity of injuries could not be assessed.

Unfortunately, victims often don't want to disclose that information, even when doing so could be an opportunity to break the cycle of violence.

However, he says, “It may take repeated questioning in a sensitive way to find out more.” Screening teens for dating violence “could help us understand whom to target for screening and refer them to programs that could help them.

That means that the attitude of peers about dating violence will influence a teen’s aggressive behavior toward their partner, especially if TDV is “normalized”.

Peer attitudes will also help determine whether or not a teen continues in a relationship when TDV is present. MI staff is surprised that the literature on TDV does not mention the immaturity of the adolescent brain.

Identifying dating violence in youths could help to prevent future violence, especially intimate partner violence. The 4,089 participants, who ranged in age from 14 to 20 years, filled out a confidential 20-minute survey on a touch-screen computer in the ED.

One in five female adolescents and one in eight male adolescents screened reported being either a victim or perpetrator of dating violence in the previous year.

Professionals should not expect that teens will quickly end bad relationships with the realization that they are abusive.

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