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Intervening with adolescents experiencing dating violence is crucial to prevent adult intimate partner violence,” says Singh.Also, as Singh points out, “Nurses play a central role in the identification of and response to dating violence.Acts reported included throwing objects, hitting, kicking, punching, shoving, shaking, slapping, and hair pulling.

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Both groups agreed that communities are unaware and/or unconcerned about teen dating violence.

The two groups also agreed that community programs for the prevention and intervention of TDV were generally “unavailable, inappropriate, or helpful, but impersonal.” This lack of awareness is disconcerting considering that 20-50% of teens report having had an aggressive dating relationship.

Hopefully, more research will be done specifically to explore the potential link between violent pornography and teen dating violence.

A study in 2012 enlisted the participation of both professionals who work with TDV and young adults who personally experienced violence in their own teen dating experiences.

Unfortunately, victims often don't want to disclose that information, even when doing so could be an opportunity to break the cycle of violence.

However, he says, “It may take repeated questioning in a sensitive way to find out more.” Screening teens for dating violence “could help us understand whom to target for screening and refer them to programs that could help them.

Teen dating violence is similar, yet different from Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) in adults.

In adult relationships there is more likely to be an imbalance of power between the partners, usually with the male holding the greater control in the relationship.

Dating violence among teenagers is common, and a new study, the largest on this issue to date, suggests that ED staff should screen all patients in this at-risk population.

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