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Good relationships have a high degree of respect for each person respecting the other’s “person.” One way you can tell someone respects your boundaries, is whether you feel free to be in control of your own person, or whether you feel invaded, or controlled, by the other person.

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They wonder what they are doing wrong, why they “deserve” to be treated in such a way, and if it can ever be any different.

The truth is that poor relational choices are self-inflicted, but can be changed with a little work.

And being under the control of another person doesn’t lead to intimacy.

When determining if your relationship has equality problems, consider these questions: These character issues help relationships last and grow.

Consider these questions: A lot of people can relate to these feelings.

Their relationships leave them lacking in some way, leaving them to wonder why they end up in the situations they do.

This works well for a young child and a parent, but in adult friendships, dating relationships, and marriages, it fails if one partner is not seen as worthy of respect. Dominating relationships are very immature, and lead to stunted emotional growth in both people.

These relationships may be comfortable, but are more often miserable and extremely limiting.

Most people find themselves in one rotten relationship after another, and don’t stop to analyze why they make these choices.

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