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You will be able to reset your password quickly and carry on shopping.

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There is a liability shift, which further benefits those retailers who offer Verified by Visa during the online checkout process (described above).

The move to risk-based authentication creates a further win-win-win for you, your customers and banks.

You are then asked to identify yourself either with your Verified by Visa password or a code sent to your mobile phone.

What you need to do at this stage varies but your bank will tell you about the method they use and what they expect from you.

You’ll notice Verified by Visa when a message box pops up on screen after you’ve entered your Visa card details. You’ll see the personal message that only you and your bank know.

(It may be a message that you gave to your bank when you signed up for Verified by Visa).If you don’t notice the Verified by Visa message box appearing but instead see a revolving wheel, all the security associated with Verified by Visa is still happening but in the background. Your bank is verifying your purchase by making background checks to see that everything is as it should be.The main thing is that when you pay by Visa, you’re protected. It accounts for only around 0.04% of total spend on Visa cards in Europe. Keeping your financial data secure and your personal information private is a priority for Visa but if you do experience problems then it’s helpful to know what to do if things go wrong.Visa processes millions of online transactions every minute of every day and has unprecedented levels of reliability.To be sure everything is ready at your end, have your card details to hand and be familiar with how your bank offers Verified by Visa.If you cannot resolve the problem direct with the retailer, contact your bank or card issuer.

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