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With the removal of the salary ceiling, all rank and file employees become entitled to a 13th month pay regardless of the amount of their monthly basic salary (unless their employers are exempted from the application of PD 851).

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However, these salary-related benefits should be included as part of the basic salary in the computation of the 13th month pay if by individual or collective agreement, company practice or policy, the same are treated as part of the basic salary of the employees.

The required 13th month pay shall be paid not later than December 24 of each year.

That is, it should be added to the guaranteed wage of the employee in computing his “basic salary” (see Philippine Duplicators v.

NLRC, 1993.) Employees with multiple employers are entitled to 13th month pay from all their private employers.

Employees paid on a purely commission basis are not entitled to 13th month pay.

They are expressly excluded from the coverage of PD 851.Almost 50 percent daw ng Philhealth claims ay itong mga 22 cases na ito.Proposal pa lang ito, at pinag-uusapan pa ng Philhealth board.Ang gusto nilang mangyari ay lalabas ang pasyente na walang babayaran sa government hospital na Philhealth-accredited.If you are a legal heir or beneficiary of a Pag-ibig member who has died, you can claim Pag-ibig death benefits only if: the Pag-ibig member has not claimed his/her Provident benefits when he/she was still alive.Only basic salary is included in the computation of 13th month pay.

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