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The guardians of Namena Marine Reserve were devastated by Cyclone Winston and have received very little aid.

From previous visits and coordination with their chief, we arranged to bring in much-needed school furnishings like desks, tables and filing cabinets.

Almost immediately, however, we were down one crewmember, as our stoic and resilient divemaster Koroi left the boat with a stomach condition.

Fortunately, we had a very small group and Amanda, one of the best instructors in the business.

Also among our group was Geri, who, although an experienced diver, had little experience with current, so she latched onto every word of advice from Joshua so that she would be well equipped to handle the full moon currents to come.

Later on that site, she found a juvenile rockmover wrasse and Joshua pointed out a golden mantis shrimp.

On Koroi’s second and final dive, he led a night dive at Alacrity, where our divers found a variety of pleurobranchs and scorpionfish and Lisa spotted an inquisitive octopus.

There was just enough current to attract hungry grey reef sharks and give Geri a good introductory course, but not so much to create the washing machine effect that the name implies.

Here, we found the first of several leaf scorpionfish this charter, just one of the creatures that caused Lisa to squeal with delight underwater.

As the wind picked up, we stayed close to home, diving the dramatic pinnacles of Nananu-i-ra on our second day.

Current 101 class continued on Pinnacles, as Joshua showed our group flatworm and Indo-Pacific sergeants and Geri and Joe found a sea snake, a first for us on this site!

Now, we’ve known that all sorts of species can be found on the back of a decorator crab, but we never imagined that we would find another decorator crab living on the back of a decorator crab!

The current was just right for our afternoon dive at Schoolhouse, attracting many schools of fish, grey reef sharks and a mammoth dogtooth tuna.

Amanda’s night dive on that site yielded a plethora of fascinating invertebrates, including a black and white Pokemon nudibranch, comet, lots of crabs and a textile cone shell that sped off so fast that they lost it while looking at a nearby nudibranch.

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