Alex fong and stephy dating pang and tong dating

He took part in men's 200 m individual medley, men's 400 m individual medley and men's 200 m backstroke, he won his heats in 400 m individual medley and 200 m backstroke.

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The agency also wants to thank the media for their cooperation on the matter on behalf of Miss Stephy Tang and Mr.

Dating for a decade, Alex Fong (方力申) and Stephy Tang (方力申) were dubbed as one of Hong Kong’s golden couple.

Ten years ago, we got together because we liked each other. We did not do anything to hurt each other.” Stephy hopes that they will both find greater happiness in the future with different respective partners. Even though our relationship has changed, I will continue to see him as one of my closest family member whom I will continue to protect, just in a different way.” Officla Break-Up Letter Sun Entertainment Culture's contract artists Miss Stephy Tang and Mr.

Ten years later, we mutally decided to split up.” Defending Alex, Stephy took the initiative to clarify any assumptions of a third party involvement. I do not have the blessing to be with him until old age. “Separation is to allow us to perhaps find a greater love, and a more fitting partner.” Stephy continued, “As an onscreen couple, everyone adored us. Alex Fong want to announce through the agency that they have decided to end their relationship with each other.

They now have eight duets: 好心好報, 好好戀愛, 十・分愛 (winner of the 2006 Jade Solid Gold 'Best Duet Gold Award'), 我的最愛, 重爱 (mandarin version of 我的最愛) , 七年, 同屋主 and 危城.

Aside from releasing albums and filming movies, Fong is also one of the hosts of TVB's hit cooking comedy show, Beautiful Cooking, along with Ronald Cheng and Edmond Leung.As of 2016, Fong still holds several Hong Kong swimming records (and some youth-grade records). Fong has also represented Hong Kong at the Sydney Olympics in 2000.He holds a degree in Business Administration from the University of Hong Kong.Living together for years, the pair was often asked when they planned to tie the knot.It came as a shock when the pair announced their split yesterday.Fong and Stephy Tang, his colleague in multiple movies including L for Love L for Lies (我的最愛), Love Is Not All Around 十分愛), Marriage with a Fool (獨家試愛), and Anniversary (紀念日) have reportedly been in a relationship for 10 years as of 2016.

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