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Get your bait down to their level and you might catch one. Good 8 inches of ice but bring your ice cleats it's like walking on a skating rink out there. However, a balanced population is vital to the future recreation fishing of this lake. Can anyone point me to where I can land any fish on pigion ? But summer spots are not the same as winter spots and I've fished pigion 3 times in the winter and never once have had a bite . Another hard day today,fished 8- 25 ' saw some no takers, I got mad then said we are leaving,my two partners said fine,lets go drink beers and watch Conner Mcdavid play hockey,as he was one of my partners ,good luck everyone Conner is my new BFF Flipflop you need to move around. The ice was 19 inches solid black with 3-4 inches of white on top where we were. Try the north west side of the lake just south of the creek beside the large houses that have there own marina back from the lake, you'll see what I mean on google maps. Had great success there but everyone clumps infront of the PP instead. Used jawjacker with minnows tried jigs with minnows, rapala minnow, deer hair jigs. Try drilling some holes way out in the deep basin and look for suspended marks with your flasher. I understand they are trying to promote walleye fishing here. I'm taking a friend fishing tomorrow who has never caught a fish through the ice ... Not supper fast action but I am certainly not complaining for deep winter ice fishing. If your coming from Edmonton and looking to catch and release walleye only but have fun doing it this is the lake for you. :) We tried near the White shacks but moved east tirades the point where we catch them in June. Fished from 11am-4pm at provincial park straight out from the beach in 12ft of water. Tried everything in the box along with worms and smelts, but couldn't get the fish to take it.

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BEWARE there is a big ice heave between Mulhurst and Silver Beach going across the lake to the south as far as I can see..wasn't there last weekend and you can see water up on the ice. Fished off the point to the west of Mullhurst close to golden days. Followed the ice heave way out into the bay, fished everywhere from 7 feet to 15 feet. Ice was 8" to 10", careful of that ice heave though it looks pretty sketchy. On the south shore found 18 feet of water still 6-8" of ice. Myself and wife were out today and didnt catch a thing and only two bits. Hi I am planning a trip out to pigeon this weekened and read your post, sounds good . Been the same story all winter in an area which used to product good numbers Always make sure you read your rags.

see what Google says and make sure gates are not locked Fished out towards Silver Beach area this afternoon, slow till about 45mins before dark then the bite was on...landed 10 walleye in that 45mins. You would have to do a ton of exploring though and drill a ton of holes. Got bit off by a large pike while using a wire worm and 6 pound test trying to target whites. Hit the ice today couldn't wait any longer there is between 6"-8" of ice. When it run out of white and perch, there is nothing to eat. Seen a couple burbot, but they weren't interested in my jig head and minnows. Seen a couple eyes but they didn't seem interested either. So fishing gents how goes the fishing for yous this wkd?? One walleye hooked and four others seen but were not interested. Seems like the bad algae bloom last summer and fall may have depleted the oxygen making the fish very lethargic and not willing to bite.

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