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When it comes to dating, your little imperfections often make the difference. All the mistakes, the misbehaviours, the quirks, the habits, our little obsessions…they make us who we are, they make us unique.What if your imperfections could be charming to someone else?

Matches are made not based on a lengthy algorithm but on social grouping, shared interests and geographic proximity.

They're geared toward the smartphone-wielding user who wants to bypass the chore of scoping out the singles scene.

The typical dater was recently divorced or had ended a serious relationship, and was disillusioned or intimidated by the scene in bars, church or social clubs.

If you were under 30 and turning to online dating, there was a perception that something was wrong with you, Evans says. "You're going out and seeing bands once a week, you're constantly around people, the idea is you don't really need dating sites." But that's started to change in the past couple of years, he says.

"It just kind of cuts out all the extra of going to the bar and having to get to know people," says Katelyn Enebo, 22, who began dating online after graduating from college and moving to Portland last fall. I'm youngest in my office by at least six to eight years.

There's not this mecca of hot men at my work." There's Meet Moi, a mobile-based site that tracks your location through your phone, allowing you to invite nearby users on a spontaneous date.

"Not knowing the area too well, I found it a good way to try and meet new people," she says.

"It was a social tool." Cantrell is part of a growing number of young people turning to dating websites -- once reserved for middle-aged and romantically unlucky singles -- to find mates or kick-start their social lives.

"You don't go, 'Now I'm going online and finding somebody to date.' That's unnatural. Like it's only for old people and divorced," she says, "but it's becoming more popular." It's easy to see why, Grigar says. "It's becoming a norm, just like Facebook is a norm to communicate with your friends instead of an actual phone conversation," she says.

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