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The N terminus of arenavirus L protein contains an endonuclease presumably involved in “cap snatching.” Here, we employed the Lassa virus replicon system to map other L protein sites that might be involved in this mechanism.

Residues Phe-1979, Arg-2018, Phe-2071, Asp-2106, Trp-2173, Tyr-2179, Arg-2200, and Arg-2204 were important for viral m RNA synthesis but dispensable for genome replication.

L protein mediates the synthesis of two RNA species, m RNA terminating in the intergenic region and noncapped genomic or antigenomic RNA representing a full-length copy of the genome (8, 9).

The L RNA encodes the small matrix protein Z (2, 3) and the 200-k Da L protein (4).

NP and L protein are the minimal viral -acting factors required for replication and transcription of the genome (5–7).

The central domain of L protein harbors the RNA-dependent RNA polymerase (Rd Rp) (10–14), and the N terminus contains an endonuclease essential for transcription (15, 16).

The presence of the desired artificial mutation was ascertained by sequencing.

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