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The Relational Need One of the biggest desires of a single adult of any age is to have quality friendships with others.Many have come from the bar scene, tired of the "give-me," selfish attitudes they have experienced and open to the grace and love of God through others.Now is the time for the church to be bold and creative in reaching out to an increasingly "nonfamily community." I define single adults as unmarried adults, 18 years of age or older, who happen to be single by chance, change, or choice (whether theirs or someone else’s).

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A singles ministry is an ideal setting for these topics to be discussed.

Smaller churches without many single adults can network with other churches to offer workshops and classes that address these and other specific topics.

A church that is intentional about singles ministry will design its classes so they relate to issues important to singles.

Pastors and church leaders do not intentionally leave singles out of their planning.

A ministry to single adults provides an atmosphere of acceptance and openness where people can discover others with the same experiences, hopes, and hurts and establish relationships that are nurtured in a Christian context.

The Washington Post reported that Americans are less likely to marry than ever before.

Five Perspectives of Single-Adult Ministry (See also: Meeting the Unique Needs of Single Senior Adults) The Educational Need Both single and married adults grow and mature in many areas. Some of these include: identity as a single adult, dating, sexuality, finances, career direction, relating to parents, forgiveness (self and former spouse), grief recovery, loneliness, single parenting, marriage preparation, divorce recovery, and dealing with change.

Unless a church has an ongoing ministry to singles, these topics are not usually addressed from a single-adult perspective.

By Dennis Franck According to David Reddout, senior pastor, First Assembly of God, Leesville, Louisiana, "Every group in the church has unique needs and gifts...children, youth, men, women, and marrieds.

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