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.also the voice of the Joker in Batman TAS (the Japanese dub obviously).

Although you are right - the Joker sounds a lot like Freeza.

Cam is just awesome and I'm happy he continues to get [email protected] Goblin75 I nearly wet myself when I read that Can Clarke played "King Piccolo", especially coming from "Green Goblin75".

Not to mention, Piccolo being played by both Roy Campbell & Liquid Snake (not sure if there's a further MGS joke in there - I haven't played it)@Dark Kuja I mentioned Mark because Takeshi Aono (who voiced King Piccolo)...

* That being said, I think Charlie Adler (specically close to Starscream pitch) would probably make a better Freeza.

I am not a Fire Emblem player but I plan on trying it soon, but to have him on Smash just is freaking Great as a kid I often heard him in a grip of cartoons and Games something magical to have him bless Smash with his awesome sounding voice UGH I cannot get enough of Cam Clarke he ROXI love this guy's voice for Corrin.He just nails Corrin's youthful/optimistic character perfectly!and I'll never not smile everytime I hear him say "I WIN" because of how enthusiastic he sounds when he says it. This guy rocks and can play just about any character and in just about any media like cartoons, anime and video games.I also like his performance as Bakuryu/Kakeru Ogami in Bloody Roar, while not maybe the most fitting voice for that character specifically, it does make me think Cam could have worked really well as Sonic the Hedgehog. Also it's pretty awesome he's gotten to reprise Leonardo again this year with the TMNT crossovers and I definitely look forward to his next reprisal next year. I might have a feeling that he may do the voice of Mega Man X in future Mega Man X games if there's one made already & also Gladiolus Amicitia in Final Fantasy XV which it was all i could think of. He'll always be Leonardo to me first, however he's give lots of great performances.The only one that felt a little off was his Reed Richards.He does a terrific job filling in for Matthew Broderick as Simba as well playing other young heroes like Leonardo, macho heroic characters like He-Man, Captain Ultra and Doc Samson to over the top villains like Liquid Snake.

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