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from formal hiking clubs to casual groups, and from beginner to challenging hikes.Some clubs charge membership or hike fees, some are free.

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On the other hand, a nice middle manager (during the day) indulging in some innocent rock-star fantasies (by night) could be just the ticket. ' You'll learn about his path of life so far, including education and goals," says Nina Atwood, author of Be Your Own Dating Service: A Step-by-Step Guide to Finding and Maintaining Healthy Relationships (Henry Holt, 1996).

The big drawback of music clubs, of course, is that the noise level can make it hard to hold a conversation. Just be sure to check his left hand for a ring or tell-tale tan line. While the Red Cross does not release statistical data on the male/female ratio of blood donors, any guy who would give up his own body fluids to help out a stranger has got to be a quality date.

Also, the game playing on the bar's many TVs provides a natural conversation-starter. Find one that has games -- pool, darts, foosball -- and then challenge a flannel-shirted cutie. Guys who are really into cars tend to be very capable and good with their hands, even if they sometimes provide you with more information about your Jetta's carburetor than you really need. Online dating used to be for computer nerds and agoraphobics, but times have changed.

You don't have to exhibit any particular knowledge of cars, says a frequent visitor to such shows. ' As long as you're talking, that's good enough," he says. There are now millions of nice, normal guys a mere click away.

We all know that dating and relationships can and should be wonderful things.

However, if any of these red flags pop up and that little voice inside your head makes you wonder if something is wrong, chances are there is.

After the judgment is issued, notice must be published in the newspaper and a copy of the judgment must be sent to the State Bureau of Identification. See Le Gal and NCTE's Name and Gender Change Guide for Residents of New Jersey for more detailed information on the process.

New Jersey will issue an amended birth certificate upon receipt of "a certified copy of an order from a court of competent jurisdiction which indicates the name of the person has been changed" and "a medical certificate from the person's licensed physician which indicates the sex of the person has been changed by surgical procedure." Stat.

While some of these behaviors may lead you to think that your partner is head-over-heels in love, many times these characteristics can be the early red flags for relationship abuse.

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