Adult chatbot submissive

My idea is more like 99-1, or even 99.999999% automatic machinery and .00000001% self-awareness, creativity, consciousness, spirit or what have you.

Adult chatbot submissive-48

It seems to run some tasks like visual recognition better than our existing machines, but it is terrible at math, prone to errors, susceptible to distraction, and it requires half its uptime for food, sleep, and maintenance.

It sometimes seems to me that the brain is actually a very shitty computer.

But they would miss the operating system completely.

The transistors tell us nothing about the software.

We can breathe the air of thought and imagination, but not that well yet.

And remember, no one has proved that our intelligence is a successful adaption, over the long term.I have written that it is like a dysfunctional family.Those in positions of leadership and authority have mental health, drug and/or alcohol problems that make them incapable of carrying out their administrative responsibilities.Similarly, neurons tell us little about the higher order software running on our brains.Significantly, no one has ever proved that the brain is a *good* computer.But for the vast herd out there, on average, consciousness is simply not a significant factor. Almost everything people ever say to our robot falls into one of about 45,000 categories.

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