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'Surfin Safari' was their first long playing album and nearly all of the songs were written or co-composed by Brian Wilson, Mike Love contributed the majority of the lyrics.'Surfin Safari' opens the record and is pretty well developed for a song that was only their second single and recorded in 1962.The singing is fine, and the covers are all decent, especially the awesome take on the surf instrumental "Moon Dawg." Though the album is not incredibly accomplished by today's standards, it is lightweight fun and very interesting.

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'Country Fair' is a little corny and I don't much care for Mike's lead vocal either.

'Ten Little Indians' was a poor choice for a single - Brian's choice had been 'Chug A Lug' - the record company picked this instead but it charted no higher than #49 on Billboard.

Songs like County Fair and Chug-A-Lug are some of my favorites of their early days.

Brian Wilson created a fantasy world with his music.

( 1962 ) Surfin' Safari / Country Fair / Ten Little Indians / Chug A Lug / Little Girl ( You're My Miss America ) / 409 / Surfin' / Heads You Win, Tails I Lose / Summertime Blues / Cuckoo Clock / Moon Dawg / The Shift Apart from Dennis who originally had the idea of writing a song about the sport of surfing, none of the beach boys were actually surfers.

Brian was almost afraid of surfing, it was no good to him as a way of meeting girls.It's a short record, easy to listen to, but certainly no masterpiece. The best songs here are the solid gritty surf tunes like the title track, "Surfin'," "409," and "The Shift," all written by Brian and Mike.The other originals, which Brian wrote with neighbor Gary Usher, are not as impressive and are more standard for their time, but they do have good moments (especially the organ work on "Cuckoo Clock," "Chug-a-Lug," and "County Fair").The Beach Boys albums were the windows into that world, with each song being part of the soundtrack - a TOTAL image - which perhaps wasn't completely truthful, but still nonetheless beautiful and alluring - Brian was a monumental myth builder and a top notch salesman of his "fantasy world." It's an image that came to represent not only California but the USA as well in many people minds.Thank God he was also a brilliant song writer as well! is album is the first of those windows and as such is perfect - right down to it's cover photo of 5 young guys gazing out towards the open sea, scanning the horizon, hungry to catch that wave.The record is filled out with the lyrically simplistic 'Heads You Win, Tails I Lose', the faintly ludicrous 'Cuckoo Clock' and a couple of covers.

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