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(18) "Person who is incapacitated" means a person for whom a guardian of person or property, or both, shall be appointed, under § 3901 of Title 12.

In providing this service, the Department may utilize existing resources such as state institutions; it may contract for bed space in private facilities; and it may utilize the resources of rest (family care and residential) homes for those clients not requiring medical care.

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(19) "Physical or mental disability" shall include any physical or mental disability and shall include, but not be limited to, intellectual and developmental disabilities, brain damage, physical degeneration, deterioration, senility, disease, habitual drunkenness or addiction to drugs, and mental or physical impairment.

(g) The Department may also make provisions for securing emergency food, clothing, fuel allotments and funds for those persons determined to be in need of such services, pursuant to § 3905, § 3906 or § 3907 of this title, insofar as such services are not available from other state-supported programs.

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For a client aggrieved by a decision regarding fees, a caseworker's determination may be appealed to the program administrator.

The basis for such order and finding shall be stated in the opinion by the Court.

The Court shall order only that intervention which it finds to be the least restrictive of the person's liberty and rights, while consistent with the person's welfare and safety.

186, § 1.; § 3907 Probable cause of death or immediate and irreparable physical injury.

(2) In the event that services are voluntarily accepted and no payment is made by a client whose resources are adequate for such payment, the State may take action in the Court of Chancery to obtain reimbursement; provided, that efforts have been made to collect the account through other means.

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