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It is good to avoid conflict but becomes better when you collaborate.

The avoidance approach will build up the conflict till it escalate which is dangerous to individual and organization.

I dont mean to waffle on but just think credit where credits due and all that lol.

Good Luck in your search Don't touch with a barge pole.

They went above and beyond and I really appreciated it and liked them for that.

I have been back a few times for repairs etc since over the years.

Kent is a lovely man, has horses himself, and was very accomodating.

Google them, Im sure you will find lots of great reviews Thanks Louby.

I havent been lucky enough to be able to buy a new build off them but if I was in the position to do so they are the people I would go to.

I have however dealt with them on a few occasions with alterations and repairs to 7.5t wagons Ive had and they are genuine, very reasonable and wont rip you off. I did see their wagons being built when I have been there and really liked what I seen.

hen you check out we ask a few questions about your Jeep.

If your answers don't match the engine brackets and/or motor mounts you've ordered, we'll call you to confirm your order.

There are quite a few reviews elsewhere when I google and all seem to be more or less positive which is why I've shortlisted them.

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