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People with disabilities may just have the skills and competencies you require within your organization yet they are often under-employed.It is important to consider how your organization can tap this potential source of employees.

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Staff members may have varying degrees of experience interacting with a person with a disability.

By meeting with staff, if needed, before a new employee with disabilities starts work, you can provide information and build the comfort level of your staff.

When I speak to a company about hiring people with disabilities, they frequently tell me they have never hired people with disabilities before. You have many employees working here right now with hidden disabilities—they just aren’t telling you.” Most people with hidden disabilities do not discuss their disabilities in the workplace or with friends, due to the stigma attached.

I know many people with various hidden disabilities such as epilepsy, depression, diabetes,other psychiatric disabilities, and HIV/AIDS, who would never disclose for fear of discrimination.

I understand hidden disabilities because I live with one—epilepsy.

Unless I have a seizure in front of you, you would never know I have a disability—it is hidden.

Then move on to determine what accommodations can be made to support the employee in doing the other aspects of the job.

Here are some examples of accommodation in the workplace: Before you purchase any special equipment, have your employee(s) test them out first.

The national office is located in Toronto with an employment services office in Moncton, New Brunswick and project offices across Canada in Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and British Columbia.

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