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Treatments that bring the possible presence of cyclists and pedestrians along a roadway to drivers’ attention is a safety enhancement.However, good signage and well maintained shoulders are a must in any case.

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An October 2017 publication of the Federal Highway Administration.

Accessible Shared Streets: Notable Practices and Considerations for Accommodating Pedestrians with Vision Disabilities, reviews notable practices and considerations for accommodating pedestrians with vision disabilities on shared streets.

Doing so would pose a safety hazard, implying that bikes and pedestrians would be required (illegally) to share a bike lane.

A better choice is to place a sign advising folks to share the road.

They may choose to use a separate path, if provided.

If properly designed and placed in a good location, many bicyclists will use the trail, but if inconvenient, they will just stay on the highway.You don’t want to try to label roads as good or bad for bicycling.Describing something as ‘safe’ may lead to a false sense of security in many cases.There are many factors that play into a road’s suitability for bicycling.This can include posted speed limits, shoulder characteristics, longitudinal grade of the highway, pavement quality and amount of traffic.It focuses on streets where pedestrians, bicyclists, and motor vehicles are intended to mix in the same space.

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