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Legions of horny dads with ugly wives and no access to porn saying “Hey kids, it’s time for our favorite show!The loss of John Ritter — his shocking death in September at age 54 — was felt anew with the return of ”8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter” on Nov. What was intended to be a touching, expanded hour-long edition of the sitcom — whose producers had decided to mirror real life and have Ritter’s character, newspaper columnist Paul Hennessy, die with premature suddenness — proved to be an awkward botch.

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The same cannot be said for Bridget’s plaint — ”The last thing I said to him was ‘I hate you!

”’ — which just came off as selfishly bratty as everything else this irritating character has said for the past season.

Teenage Daughter: Omigod, are you like stupid or something? The guy’s I fuck could like so never fit two dicks in my ass without lube! Teenage Daughter: And, like, don’t get me started on how much of that stuff I have to use for a Portuguese Brown Eye. In other words, if this show could be great if it was a parody of the hackneyed conventions and vile belief systems it works from. He wants to do a version of this show where the girls are Siamese twins and one is a Born Again Christian and the other is a slut.

(audience members nod their empty heads in agreement)Dad: What’s this I found while I was digging through your purse, like a good Christian Dad? Teenage Daughter: How else am I supposed to do double anal? Teenage Daughter: Not everybody is like, some repressed Republican with a cock the size of a tube of lipstick dad!

Now, pushed to the forefront, her skills have become apparent.

Sagal invested many trite lines with a controlled emotion that made them bearable.

Mort Goldman, the pharmacist, offers to open a tab for him.

Peter quickly begins spending unnecessarily (misunderstanding the concept of a tab).

I’m sure some viewers were moved by this hour, but I think it’s a mistake to let this process go on.

Continuing with ”8 Simple Rules…” so it can get back to laugh-tracked yuks about how trampy Bridget is — that’s no way to salute John Ritter, or for ABC to pull in ratings they can live with.

(audience laughs)Dad: Whatever happened to dressing like Gloria Swanson?!

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