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San Francisco, CA Located on an island in San Francisco Bay, Alcatraz was a maximum-security prison from 1934 until 1963, holding some of the country's most notorious and dangerous prisoners.

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Having lost both her husband and infant daughter to illness, she moved with her sister and niece from Connecticut to California in 1884 and purchased a home in the Santa Clara Valley.

With her extreme wealth, she added onto the home obsessively, at one point raising it to seven stories.

Louis, and founded an extremely successful brewery. The last surviving son, Edwin Lemp, asked his caretaker to destroy all of his art, papers and heirlooms upon his death, and his caretaker obliged.

Despite their wealth, the family's tragic history has led many to believe that the mansion where they lived is haunted. Today, guests may visit the mansion's restaurant and bar, or take a tour of the property. West Milford, NJ This winding road is rumored to be haunted by a variety of spirits, likely due to its bizarre history.

The home is now a bed and breakfast, offering overnight stays and tours.

Villisca, IA The Villisca Ax Murder House makes no attempt to hide its grim past.

Even those who don't believe in ghosts must admit that tales of the supernatural can be particularly gripping, and certain places just have a general eeriness about them.

Throughout the United States, numerous graveyards, old homes, prisons, and hotels have collected their share of ghost stories, often passed down for generations.

While most of these legends lack historical evidence, it doesn't stop the ship from capitalizing on the lore via ghost tours and its annual Halloween event Dark Harbor, featuring multiple mazes, scare zones and interactive activities.

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