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I don’t foresee many people doubling up on text-heavy apps like Microsoft Office and Twitter.Maybe running things side by side will prove more useful for visual apps like Hulu, Maps, and Photos.

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The i Pad mini 4 has a gorgeous, vibrant display that’s on par with the i Pad Air 2 and a massive step up from what came before. Apple has eliminated the air gap between the Retina LCD and the i Pad mini’s cover glass, so it feels more than ever like you’re touching i OS and your apps with nothing in the way.

Everything feels like it's floating on glass — the same effect that's now commonplace on phones.

There’s zero lag more often than not, and the (very) slight stutters I’ve seen in the app switcher and Split View can likely be blamed on the brand new i OS 9 rather than the i Pad’s hardware.

Hopefully they’ll be gone in a software update or two.

A new anti-reflective coating also makes the i Pad mini more practical for outdoor use.

These improvements add up to a screen that’s perfect for gaming, web browsing, watching videos, and anything else you’d do on a tablet. Performance also falls under "great," but not class-leading when compared to the full-size i Pad Air 2.Color choices remain the same with space gray, silver, and gold versions available.Tragically, there’s no perfect match for your shiny new rose gold i Phone 6S.In 2014, Apple decided to update the the i Pad mini 2’s spec sheet with just one thing: Touch ID.The result was a tablet that felt underwhelming the moment it arrived on store shelves — despite costing the same 9 as the earlier model.For one, the company keeps using chamfered edges on its i Pads, even after the i Phone graduated from this design trait last year.

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