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I don’t foresee many people doubling up on text-heavy apps like Microsoft Office and Twitter.Maybe running things side by side will prove more useful for visual apps like Hulu, Maps, and Photos.

Color choices remain the same with space gray, silver, and gold versions available.

Tragically, there’s no perfect match for your shiny new rose gold i Phone 6S.

I’m not sure who worries about i Pad battery life anymore, but the mini 4 holds true to the 10-hour figure that Apple promises.

Wi-Fi speeds have also been boosted, and as usual you can buy an LTE-capable version for $130 on top of each model’s regular cost.

The Apple SIM is back and offers nice carrier flexibility, but Verizon customers will still need a separate SIM card to get on the network.

As for i OS 9, the i Pad mini 4 is fully capable of split-screen multitasking just like the i Pad Air 2.(It’ll still outpace many Android tablets you can buy, though.) The i Pad mini 4 is pushed along by Apple’s 64-bit A8 processor, which is definitely an upgrade from last year but not quite as powerful as the Air 2 despite what Schiller boasted on stage.Apple says the new chip delivers speed gains of up to 30 percent, and sure, apps definitely open faster.Now if you want full protection, you’ll have to buy both the cover and rear case for over 0 after tax. Aside from tweaks to the mini 4’s dimensions, it looks nearly identical to the 3.The only obvious hardware change is Apple’s removal of the orientation lock / mute switch; you’ll need to swipe up Control Center for those two options now. I’m not talking about the i Pad Air 2, which set an incredible new benchmark for the type of speed and performance consumers can expect from tablets.

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