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We consolidate the financial statements of all of the companies we control.We proportionately consolidate our share of the financial statements of our joint venture interests.We maintain inventory valuation provisions for inventory that is slow-moving or obsolete, calculated using an inventory aging analysis.

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They explain how we arrived at the numbers in the financial statements, describe significant events or changes that affect the numbers, and explain certain items in the financial statements.

We have prepared the consolidated financial statements according to Canadian generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP).

We record payments we receive in advance, including upfront non-refundable payments, as deferred revenues until we provide the service or deliver the product to customers.

Deferred revenues also include amounts billed under multiple-element sales contracts where the conditions to account separately for each product or service sold have not been met.

Most of our telecommunications assets are amortized using the group depreciation method.

When we retire assets in the ordinary course of business, we charge their original cost to accumulated amortization.

Otherwise, we recognize as revenue the net amount that we retain.

We accrue an estimated amount for sales returns, based on our past experience, when revenue is recognized.

We determine the fair value of the accounts receivable transferred based on the present value of future expected cash flows, which we project using management’s best estimates of discount rates, the weighted average life of accounts receivable, credit loss ratios and other key assumptions.

We recognize a loss on the securitization, which we record in .

By their nature, these estimates are subject to measurement uncertainty and actual results could differ, the impact of which would be recorded in future periods.

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