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Deferred revenues are presented in is comprised mainly of highly liquid investments with original maturities of three months or less from the date of purchase.

We consider a transfer of accounts receivable to be a sale when we give up control of the accounts receivable in exchange for proceeds other than our retained beneficial interest in the accounts receivable.

Otherwise, we first allocate a portion of the total price to any undelivered products and services based on their fair value and the remainder to the products and services that have been delivered.

If the conditions to account separately for each product or service are not met, we recognize revenue pro rata over the term of the customer agreement.

The financial statements contain our results and financial history for the past three years.

The notes are an important part of understanding our financial results.

We may enter into arrangements with subcontractors who provide services to our customers.

When we act as the principal in these arrangements, we recognize revenue based on the amounts billed to our customers.

We consolidate the financial statements of all of the companies we control.

We proportionately consolidate our share of the financial statements of our joint venture interests.

We amortize this liability to earnings over the expected life of the transferred accounts receivable.

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