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Another year is coming to an end, presenting a chance to reflect on lessons learned and goals for the future.From utility costs to coupon sites, covered it all, and this roundup of 100 money-saving, reward-earning, and frugal-living tips includes some of the best recommendations from the past year, along with some perennial favorites.

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Consumers can save by joining the cord-cutting revolution and opting for a streaming stick from Roku, Google, or Amazon, or a set-top box such as Apple TV.

Without a cable subscription, monthly entertainment costs can dip to less than $10 a month, and there is still plenty to watch.

Libraries do more than offer free books; they rent movies and ebooks inexpensively and host classes of all sorts, among other services.

Libraries are also accommodating workspaces -- they're quiet and there's no need to buy coffee or a snack every few hours.

Disney World now allows outside food, and Disney cruises permit up to two bottles of wine or six beers in a carry-on (although the dining room corkage fee is $25).

Negotiating makes sense more often than you might expect.

Also consider alternative synthetic diamonds or alternative gemstones.

Escape the contract and switch to an ultra-cheap phone provider such as Freedom Pop or Republic Wireless.

Travelers looking for an alternative to a generic room in a large hotel chain property can opt for an inexpensive boutique hotel.

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