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For a high credit score, don't spend a large part of each card's available credit limit.

Consumers can save by joining the cord-cutting revolution and opting for a streaming stick from Roku, Google, or Amazon, or a set-top box such as Apple TV.

Without a cable subscription, monthly entertainment costs can dip to less than $10 a month, and there is still plenty to watch.

This path requires a lot of self-discipline but can save tens of thousands of dollars.

Many airlines charge for checked bags, but there are ways to fit everything into a carry-on and otherwise eliminate or reduce airline baggage fees.

Libraries do more than offer free books; they rent movies and ebooks inexpensively and host classes of all sorts, among other services.

Libraries are also accommodating workspaces -- they're quiet and there's no need to buy coffee or a snack every few hours.

Some major retailers, including Walmart, Target, Staples, Best Buy, Office Depot, and Toys R Us, now price match Amazon.

There are many exclusions to watch out for, but checking prices with a smartphone before making an in-store impulse buy can yield savings. It may be possible to find a similar look for a lot less at a low-price apparel chain such as Forever 21 -- or rent the very same look at a site such as Rent the Runway.

Travelers looking for an alternative to a generic room in a large hotel chain property can opt for an inexpensive boutique hotel.

There are options in every state worth considering, and rates can be as low as a night. Don't blindly choose the least expensive item when it's low-quality, for instance.

Consumers who have good credit scores but have trouble paying off credit card debt can move the debt to a card that charges zero interest on transferred balances during a promotional period.

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