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He was an Indian of the Llanos, or great sa- vannahs which lay to the southward beyond the moun- tains, and had actually been upon the Orinoco. And the lad*s black eyes flashed fire, as Amyas offered him liberty and iron enough for a dozen Indians, if he would lead them through the passes of the mountains, and southward to AT HIOUEBOTE, 19 the mighty river, where lay their golden hopes.

He had been stolen as a boy by some Spaniards, who had gone down (as was the fashion of the Jesuits even as late as 1790) for the pious purpose of converting the savages by the simple process of catching, baptizing, and making servants of those whom they could carry off, and mur- dering those who resisted their gentle method of salva- tion. Hemaado de Serpa, Axnyas knew, had tried the same course, which was supposed to be about one hundred aad twenty leagues, and failed, being overthrown utterly by the Wikiri Indians ; but Amyas knew enough of the Spaniards' brutal method of treating those Indians, to be pretty sure that they had brought that catastrophe upon themselves, and that he might avoid it well enough by that common justice and mercy toward the mv&ges which he had learned from his incomparable tutor, Fraj Qcis Drake.

Which wise commands had scarcely passed his Ups, when, in the path below, glanced the head-piece of a Spanish soldier, and then another and another. " whispered Amyas to Gary; "they are coming up in single file, rushing on their own death. " The path was so narrow that two could seldom come up abreast, and so steep that the enemy had much ado to struggle and stumble upwards.

The men seemed half unwilling to proceed, and hung back more than once ; but Amyas could hear an authoritative voice behind, AT HIGUfi BOTE.

As you served us at Smerwick, we will serve you now. " And he drags out of the bushes an Indian lad of sixteen, who, slightly wounded, is crawling away like a copper snake along the ground.

Pirate and ravishert you and yours shall 16 HOW THET TOOK THE COMMUNION share Oxenham's fate, a« you have copied his crimes, and learn what it is to set foot unbidden on the dominions of the King of Spain." " The devil take you and the King of Spain together/^ shouts Amyas, laughing loudly. " And scrambling over the abattis, Amyas and about thirty followed them fast ; for he had hope of learning from some prisoner his brother's fate. Don Guzman, as if by miracle, had been only slightly wounded ; and seeing his men run, had rushed back and tried to rally them, but was borne away by the fugitives. 17 However, the Spaniards were out of sight among the thick bushes before the English could overtake them ; and Amyas, afraid lest they should rally and surround his small party, withdrew sorely against his will, and found in the pathway fourteen Spaniards, but all dead. " The black vermin has sent an arrow through my leg ; and poisoned too, most like." " God grant not : but an Indian is worth his weight in gold to us now," said Amyas, tucking his prize under his arm like a bundle.

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Amyas leaps on the top of it, a white flag in his hand ; but his heart beats so fiercely at the sight of that hated figure, that he can hardly get out the words, — " Don Guzman, the quarrel is between you and me, not between your men and mine.

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